Dan Coughlin, author of BEAT YESTERDAY: a business novel, will be facilitating an in-depth discussion on a wide range of situations that affect a person’s career success.

This is not a session on resume writing or how to network effectively. It is about the mindset of how to effectively guide one’s career. We will be discussing the characters and concepts in BEAT YESTERDAY and how they apply to the success of your career in the future.

The only prerequisite for this session is that you must read the entire book, BEAT YESTERDAY, which is being offered free of charge to GO Network attendees in PDF or E-reader format. This unusual business novel provides a practical, down-to-earth format for thinking about your career. On August 28th we will dig into the ideas in the book and apply them to your future career. Do your homework, read the book, and be ready to focus on beating yesterday and building a great career over the long term.

“Not only does the story draw you in so that you want to keep reading to find out what’s next, but the concepts for making positive change so impressed me that I was compelled to outline the book – I wanted them all at my fingertips. I highly recommend this read”!

——- Pam Presgrave, Program Chair, GO! Network

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