The first 30 minutes of "The Sound of Silence" (work in progress), a bizarre and slightly perverse experimental re-edit of The Sound of Music, without any musical numbers. This is the low resolution version, final edit will be higher quality. This edit is not now, nor ever will be for sale. It is intended for entertainment purposes only, and no profit shall be made from it whatsoever.


01. Color removed; the film is now black & white
02. Opening score replaced with all-new original material
03. *SONG OMITTED: "The Sound of Music"
04. New title card, reading, "The Sound of Silence: A Cult Edit By DivaD."
05. Removed all opening credits pertaining to the film being a musical, or being filmed in color
06. Nuns in the abbey now sing backwards hymns
07. *SONG OMITTED: "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?"
08. Added sound FX of a door slamming shut as Maria makes her entrance into the abbey
09. Added new score to the scene of Maria entering Mother Superior's office
10. Slightly tweaked the line "You may go in now, Maria" electronically
11. Added quick, kinky flashes of the film, "Satanico Pandemonium" to suggest something perverse going on in the abbey
12. Shortened dialog between Mother Superior and Maria, to make Mother Superior appear more strict
13. Added new score to scene of Maria leaving the abbey
14. Removed the line, "When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window."
15. *SONG OMITTED: "I Have Confidence"
16. Added fadeout of Maria in alleyway
17. Added black and white plot card, reading, "Later, at the von Trapp home..."
18. Removed Maria's clumsy entrance into the von Trapp mansion
19. Removed Maria dancing with herself in the empty ballroom
20. Repositioned sound of slamming door as Captain von Trapp catches Maria in the empty ballroom
21. Cut out Maria and Captain von Trapp's dialog about clothes, to make Captain von Trapp appear to be a creepy pervert
22. Cut out lines, "Were you always this much trouble at the abbey?" "Oh, much more, sir!"
23. Added new music to existing score during the scene where Maria finds the toad in her pocket, to add a more bizarre, unsettling feel
24. Removed dialog between Captain von Trapp and Maria discussing "a secret between the children and me"
25. Removed dialog between Captain von Trapp and Maria discussing "indigestion"
26. Inserted a scene from the film, "SS Camp 5: Women's Hell", to suggest that the Nazis are sending Captain von Trapp a telegram regarding the threat of concentration camp experiments being seized
27. Shortened dinner scene where Captain von Trapp tells his children he is leaving for Vienna, to emphasize the fear the children feel towards their father
28. Removed Liesl and Rolfe's conversation in the garden
29. *SONG OMITTED: "You Are Sixteen, Going On Seventeen"
30. Inserted scene from the film, "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS", to further illustrate the experiments at the concentration camp
31. Cut out Frau Schmidt and Maria's talk about the Captain and the Baroness's possible wedding plans
32. Shortened scene of Maria in bedroom during storm; now only Liesl comes into the room
33. Bedroom scene fades out after Maria checks her bed for spiders
34. *SONG OMITTED: "My Favorite Things"
35. Removed scene of Maria and Captain von Trapp arguing in the bedroom

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