AEU Public Support and Awareness

A recent poll conducted for the AEU showed high levels of public awareness and support for Victorian teachers.

96% of people were aware of the dispute between teachers and the government

Only 6% of Victorians believe the Government is doing enough to resolve the dispute

82% of people say the Victorian Premier and Education Minister Bronwyn Pike should meet with the union to try and resolve the dispute

85% of people believe Victorian teachers should be paid the same as those in NSW who have the highest rates of pay


AEU Briefing Paper

This rally was held on 04/17/2008 at Boronia Village Shopping Centre, Boronia Road and Dorset Road, Boronia.

Police stopped traffic on Dorset Road so teachers could march to the office of local MP James Merlino. (Australian Labor Party)

Written, Filmed, Edited, Produced and Directed by Adam Basile.

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