This video is a screencap animation of “Black Swans”, a software program that uses Twitter searches to generate video art and sculpture. The music is by the "Fuck Buttons", buy their album (I did!), they're great!

"Black Swans" generates shapes from a Twitter search of a keyword (“beautiful”, “cold”, “love”, “electric”, “numbers”, etc). Each time the program gets a Tweet, it spawns a new shape whose size and behavior is based on the characteristics of that result– the length is equal to the number of of the Twitterer’s friends, its movement is based on the number of times it’s been re-tweeted, it's speed on how long the Tweet is, etc.

However, each part of the shape represents only a single twitter search; when a shape reaches a certain point, the program performs a new search and builds a new shape by finding the most commonly used word from the previous tweets. The result is a kind of free-association poem generated by Twitter– the shape in the video used the starting search "drunk" and generated the poem (don't know what else to call it) "drunk Drunk sex>>>>Thought that drunk".

You can read more about this project here:

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