We drove out West following the path of thousands before us, following the same game trails of the pioneers that are now the great highways that span the nation. Our ancestors left in search of gold, of riches, of a new life, for unknown possibilities. We embarked for similar reasons. Our wagon, a Ford Escape rental, our El Dorado, a giant 100 year old camera sitting in a garage in Phoenix, Well we got it; and this video tells of the beginnings of our journey… -Dan and Nicole

The project features artists who are struggling in the pursuit of their dreams and our attempt to bring light to their unique sacrifices in our own artistic way using the Wet Plate Collodion process (Wiki: Visit ( to see the photos of the final pieces, and track the project's progress.

So far we've ran a successful kickstarter, built a modified wooden back especially for the project, driven across the entire country to pick up a 100 year old, 5 ft long at max extension, 200 lb camera, made a plate in the Moab desert, shot a rock star in a creepy attic, got stuck in the Salt Flats, drove 3 55 gallon empty chemical drums from NY to CT/dragged them and the giant tent and camera a half mile out to a lake, drove down to PA to make a plate of the camera owner in a random field, along with many other adventures. This video shows clips from the start of this amazing and strange journey.

Daniel Kennedy (LRP)
Nicole Truax (LRP)
Kayte Darling
Steve Trevathan
Kristen Conaty

Directed and Edited by Dan Kennedy and Nicole Truax of Linked Ring Photography

Special thanks to Imagine Dragons!

Legal: We are in no way affiliated with the band, but heard their song "Radioactive" and were inspired by it and knew it would be the perfect fit for our video. We're huge fans and it's an honor to have this song accompany a video highlighting our progress to this deeply personal project. We're under the impression that since the video's focus and intent is to spread the word of the Execution Project, a project that is relevant to the sacrifices of the art community as a whole, and one that is utilizing a historic photographic process for a modern subject; and also since the original intent of the song was to describe an apocalypse or to use Armageddon as a metaphor, while in our video the song is being directly related to the Wet Plate Collodion process (particularly in reference to our photographic "chemicals", "radioactivity" alluding to an inherent danger when working with chemicals, and the color "red" referencing the use of red safelights), that our usage of this song can be considered to be "fair use" because our intent was to be inspired by this song and re-imagine/transform it's meaning to something that is relevant to our own personal project. A correlation that is an entirely new interpretation, one that differs from the intentions of the original artists, therefore creating something new. In no way would this harm or detract from the market value of the Imagine Dragons' song and is certainly not a market substitute, but only serves to be a new transformation of an already great piece. Our intent is to pay homage to Imagine Dragons and to the inspirational artists we have met, and to transform both our footage and the song into something with a new meaning through the use of juxtaposition, while simultaneously informing/educating the public about what goes into this important historical photographic process.

If the copyright holding parties disagree with this in any way, we will pull the video off line immediately and apologize profusely for our possible misinterpretation of "Fair Use" and the first amendment.

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