it’s pretty amazing what technology allows us to do these days. but right now, i’m not talking about fancy cameras or handy contraptions. i’m talking about the phone, Skype, and even something as simple as email. it’s amazing how talking through these mediums with someone you’ve never met in person can still allow you to build a great relationship.

we often get asked how much time we spend getting to know our couples. and while it’s different with everyone we work with, we believe that’s it’s not necessarily about how much time you spend, but how you spend it. how you listen, and what you get to learn about them in the process… with Angela and Alain, it just came easy. and i remember the night we first met at a cafe in LA, i got out of the car and was greeted with two of the biggest, most welcoming smiles. it’s like we were old friends seeing each other for the first time in a long time, not for the first time ever. with Angela’s love for cheese, Alain’s adventures in acting and the kicker: they’re both filmmakers themselves and share the same passion we have with storytelling, it was just easy.

here’s what came of that relationship…


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intimidated by silence // by cars & trains

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