Fashion Photographer

Fashion designer Michael Sontag doesn’t sketch, draw or otherwise put his ideas down on paper before getting to work on his designs. Instead he intuitively and very much hands-on starts draping the fabric directly on his model - like a sculptor working with steel, glass or stone.

It’s his hands that are doing the work, directly manipulating the raw materials. The shapes are born directly from underneath his hands moving over a body and it’s this approach that leads to the fluidity, intimacy and movement of his pieces.

In this collaborative project Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper serves as his raw material. Folding, draping, moulding and ripping the paper he is creating instant and very short lived designs that only live long enough to be recorded on a computer chip in a camera.
It’s a very poetic mix of fashion, performance and semi-scientific research.

This performance and dance-like piece is documented and digitalized by fashion photographer Per Zennstrom. Even though the resulting sculptural shapes are physical objects consisting of real paper they will only live for an instant, barely enough to be recorded and preserved in digital form before they are gone.

The digital output of Michael Sontags work is then presented on stage at Photokina, in theform of a fashion photo-shooting/performance which in many ways is a digital "reflection" and re-enactment of the first analogue session.

As the process and performance nears the end the resulting images are again migrating back to the original media - paper. Large format prints from the photo shooting will be printed out on printers in plain view of the visitors...

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