This is a story of New Orleans and my family's experiences with Hurricane Katrina over the course of five years. With people still suffering from Hurricane Katrina after 7 years and now with Hurricane Isaac's displacement of thousands I am offering this film to you as a gift of action, solidarity, change and love. Please watch, share and spread the word. In this critical time in history , the election in a few weeks, people suffering all over the world and with human rights being eradicated right in front of our eyes I believe we need messages like this more than ever. It is time to wake up, stand up as one and do something to better this world for all!

Thank you for watching!

Director's Statement:
"7 years ago, as I watched many of the stories unfold in the mainstream media about the New Orleans I know and love. I was disturbed that I did not really see anyone from here having an opportunity to tell our stories in a manner that I felt was truthful, dignified and uplifting to the people of our city. I decided that I could either wait for someone else to do it or take it upon myself to make the film I wanted to see. I chose the latter.”

Crepe Covered Sidewalks includes a cameo by Reverend Al Sharpton and footage featuring a visit from President Barack Obama (Senator Barack Obama at the time). Crepe Covered Sidewalks premiered in New Orleans as the centerpiece film of the 7th Annual New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival and Ms. Wilson recently won the Best New Filmmaker award at the Peachtree Village International Film Festival in Atlanta.

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