Title sequence project done for school – of a 1949 film noir movie called “white heat” – originally starring James Cagney

no original cast names were used – instead a re-imagined cast was selected

materials: 256 white crayola crayons, 112 extra ounces of paraffin wax

tools: pancake griddle, large “nondescript” metal sign, heat gun, 8mm camera, stage light, Adobe After Effects CS3, Mac Pro

song: “Redrum” (from Tom Waits album, Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards)

cost: circa 75 dollars, 2 burns, 3 blown fuses

side note: on the planned one shot take – one of the 8mm tapes crinkled as it recorded – loosing half of the footage, resulting in the need to recast the lost names and reshoot the lost footage

best method: the wax hardened quickly enough by using the freezer – pull out of the shells at 20 to 21 minutes

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