A new, revolutionary documentary about the recent closures of the bike path on the Washington Ave Bridge at the University of Minnesota. We go undercover to expose the behind the scenes decisions that led to the “Barred Gates” We interview students, teachers and more to get the “pulse” of the U of MN campus during the tumultuous season. The film seeks to understand how this great artery of bikers at the U of MN got so clogged with the cholesterol of bureaucracy. We wanted to know, how long until the inevitable heart attack occurs

The film world had been experiencing a “dark ages”, eagerly awaiting something, they knew not one. Little did they know, fate would bring together 3 gentlemen in the Fall of ‘08, who together would forge something that would revolutionize cinema FOREVER. Something came for forth, the like of which never seen by men, UNTIL NOW, (or perhaps, until then)

Completed 11-12-08

Due to the roaring success of this Shockumentary, the school unbarred the gates in early ‘09, thus releasing the bikers to set sail for a new tomorrow, an unbarred tomorrow. Where dreams experience no bounds, where the bridges of the mind’s lanes are left clear and unobstructed. Where men, like Steve Sanders, are recognized for their great deeds, helping out the little bikers in their pursuit of hope.

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