Vox Populi is a music video made as a part of the film THE POWER OF MARS, released in July 2012. THE POWER OF MARS was a documentary film inspired from love and respect which come out of the 30STM created Echelon.
Watts Juniper Productions decided their second film would be based on the global family, the Echelon. Watts Juniper Productions spent a full year connecting with Echelon from all around the world. THE POWER OF MARS was filmed via the internet and over a 3 week period in Los Angeles, California. THE POWER OF MARS contains a few different Echelon made and Echelon inspired music videos.
Vox Populi was filmed via the internet and in Malibu, California. Every person in Vox Populi is Echelon. The shoot for Vox Populi spanned over a 3 week period and in over 3 different locations in Malibu. Each shoot lasted 10 -15 hours. Every crew was Echelon.
Additionally, Vox Populi contains footage and photos from Echelon from ALL OVER the world. Echelon from over 20 countries submitted footage, photos and content for Vox Populi AND it was edited into this amazing music video. We hope you enjoy it.

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