This advertisement was created by Patrick Long for Tesla Motors, Inc. with an intended debut at the 2013 Super Bowl. The ad currently features an entirely original score and script. The text demonstrated onscreen would be ultimately performed by a male voice (aged 35-50). The script (currently onscreen) would not be present in the final advertisement.

Previous experience:
Music and Sound Producer for Navistar International:

Contracted Music Producer for Gatorade.

Individual Producer and Artist for iTunes

This video is being presented exclusively to Tesla Motors, Inc. by Patrick Long.

Perfect Machine

Original concept and development by Patrick Long using images from


I) When designing something this powerful,
II) and this advanced,
III) we had to dismiss anything that made us believe
IV) that building something innovative
V) compromised building something with style,
VI) or that building something efficient
VII) compromised building something powerful.
VIII) And while building something totally unique,
IX) we built something extraordinary.
X) And we built it here in the United States.
XI) But what's more important than what we did build in to this incredible machine
XII) is what we didn't.
XIII) Starting today, we are introducing the world to a new standard of luxury without compromise
XIV) or a single drop of gasoline.
XV) Introducing Tesla, the new pinnacle of electric vehicles, and proof that you can build a perfect machine.

2012 Patrick Long.

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