Artist: Shake City
Title: Self-Titled
Catalog #: ER00005
Hometown: Los Angeles, California


1. One Good Reason
2. Hot Love
3. Betty Blue
4. Get It While It’s Hot
5. Submarine
6. Little Lianne
7. Lust & Love
8. Psychedelic Ride
9. Sweet Dreams
10. Can’t Get Over You
11. Game Of War
12. Bad On Wheels

The Band:

Adam Shore - Lead Vocals
Don E. Sachs - Guitar & Vocals
Michael Blair - Guitar
Ray Bailey - Bass & Vocals
Jaycee Cary - Drums

The year was 1987. Hair-sprayed, high-octane, hook-drenched hard rock ruled the radio. Fresh from his days in Warrant, Shake City was founded by a hungry, talented singer named Adam Shore. Fueled by passion and eager to live up to their name, chosen in part because of the group’s location on the earthquake-prone west coast, the band hit the clubs like renegade rockets, starting with the Troubadour continuing a rockin’ rampage throughout the Sunset Strip.

Featuring twelve sleazy, ear candy tracks produced by Tommy Thayer (Black ‘N Blue & Kiss) and Erik Turner (Warrant), this is the album fans of hair metal have been screaming for over 20 years! According to the band, all they ever wanted to do was satisfy their fans by serving up the kind of songs that made you pump your fist and shout, “Hell yeah, that f**kin’ rocks!” With the hooks and the looks and the sound to astound, this highly anticipated release is Eonian Record’s proudest moment!

Points of Interest:

• Produced by Tommy Thayer (Black ‘N Blue & Kiss) and Erik Turner (Warrant).
• Featuring “Game Of War” written by Jani Lane of Warrant.

About Eönian Records:

Just because an album resided in a state of dust, decay, and dormancy for the last quarter-century does not automatically mean it should be discarded like an expired condom. If you purchase an album bearing the Eönian Records logo, you can rest assured that it has never been previously released, that it deserved to be released, and that it has been released with the utmost care and attention to quality. You can also rest assured that great respect was paid not only to the music itself, but to the talented musicians that created it. Eönian Records does not believe that honesty and integrity are the best policies; we believe they are the ONLY policies.

That respect extends to the fans as well. Eönian Records believes the fans who have kept this music alive also deserve respect and we believe we know how to deliver that respect to the fans, because we here at Eönian are all fans ourselves. This is not just a business, it’s an addiction, and we hope to fly the hard rock and metal flag for years to come, delivering top-notch, once-forgotten hair metal gems with the same high quality and slightly off-kilter attitude you have come to expect from us. Great metal deserves to be heard and great fans deserve to hear it. Eönian strives to be the great label that brings it to you.

Eönian Records …where metal never dies!

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