Warden Burger

"Recorded and Engineered by Stephen Richards. Unedited Desk recording. (Mono)."

At Make It Up Club.

Massively primitive post-Dream Syndicate aggro noise improvisations from this Brisbane (?) group who use strings, keyboards, drums, guitar and vocals to generate grimy Industrial trance monoliths cut-up w/mocking vocals that are somewhere between Graham Lambkin and Basil Kirchin. The drums come straight out of the Walter De Maria/Henry Flynt school of I Don’t Wanna while the strings balance C. Spencer Yeh-styled violence with the hallucinatory high-end of Tony Conrad, John Cale and Takehisa Kosugi. Throw in some MEV styled keyboard miniatures and the sound of throats guzzling solid air and you have a claustrophobic black nightmare take on eternal music that trades Pandit Pran Nath for Mark E. Smith while nailing itself to the floor. Pretty spectacular.

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