This really should not be a public video, just based on the embarrassing factor.

I just got a Xacti WH1 to review (and I get to keep it!) and I told Johannah I'd show it to her. I was just going to take a picture but then I made a movie and then I decided I should drown the camera. So I did.

I made it with an iSight on a MacBook in Quicktime Player! I mean, aside from the part where the camera gets drowned in the sink. That's the WH1 on standard definition mode.

Uh...what else. It's called Letz Do Scienz because we bought these sprinkles last Sunday called Letz do Sprinkelz. Also, my last name is Dog Shit in this video because Johannah called me yesterday and said "Dachis, what's up?" but the voicemail transcription wrote "Dog shit, what's up?" It was also a nick name of mine in grade school. It was given in good a six year old.

Anyway, I just got the camera so I don't know if I like it yet but it's yellow and it's actually waterproof, so that's awesome. I totally thought I was going to break it when I put it in the sink because the old Sanyo waterproof cameras used to have a waterproof switch you had to engage before submerging them, but I couldn't find that on this one. Rather than checking the manual I just dunked it and luckily that worked out well for me :).

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