La pieza con un gran enfoque hacia el detalle, intenta reflejar fragmentos de historias que se podrían ser narradas en un libro. De tono sarcástico se revelan las cuatro versiones de amor que presenta cinema AXN para el mes de febrero.


The Valentine's Day was the perfect excuse to join in one promotion dissimilar movies, under the single concept that love can conquer all. Under this premise, the love between a nun with an ex-con or between a vampire and a werewolf seem totally probable.

Once the concept was established, it seems logical to stage the promo in the pages of a book, which inevitably leads to classic stories and fables of literature. Similarly, the use of animation in the style of handmade illustrations gives an unique feeling to the piece.

Finally, the book closes and displays the image of the franchise on the cover, reinforcing the image of the channel, and graphics such as hearts makes a nod to the audience about the irony in the love unions of the opposites, only possible in the month of love, for AXN CINEMA.

Diseño, animación, composición y 3D / Design, animation, compositing & 3D:
Roberto Carbonell

Estefanía Jimeno

Pieza participante de los PROMAX GLOBAL 2012 / PROMAX LatinAmerica 2013 / Piece inside the sample for the Rookie of the Year (Roberto Carbonell) for PROMAX GLOBAL y PROMAX LatinAmerica.

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