Myself and Toby knocked on Nisha’s door at about 7:30am. The door opened. Nisha was just in the shower! She had just woken up late on her wedding day! Normally that wouldn’t be a problem because the Makeup Artist would have knocked on the door at 4:30am in the morning. However, the makeup artist/ family friend also woke up late!! To top this off, when the Makeup Artist arrived and banged on the door, Nisha didn’t answer. After sometime the hotel staff unlocked the door to find Nisha enjoying her beauty sleep. A short time later we show up to provide our photo and video services. We join the story from this point on.

As a bride what is your worst nightmare? For some this is it!

We all tried our best to keep this little mishap from the families and even Taz to prevent sheer panic. I have never seen a makeup artist or a bride get ready so quickly.

For family viewing reasons we have kept this short film civilised ;)

We had a full team present on the day. Three Cinematographers and two Photographers for this Sikh Wedding.

I know you wanted a different track for your short film Nisha; but you know putting creative reigns on VIVIDA is like putting reigns on a wild horse ;)


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