sFuemei vo insare Grossglocknerflieg am 19./20. August 2012. Gstart aufn Gamskrogn ba da Poizoim. Traumhofte Dog mit Rentnathermik de ins mid a bo Geia auf iwa 4500m aufigrissn hod ;). Nadialech homma ba de Zwischnlondungen am Hocheiser koa Jausn mitkhob. Owa Schnee is eh a guad ;)
Auf jedn Foi setzma vi den Flug an kloan flyfornature.net Woid !

Here's the little video of our flight around mighty Grossglockner in magic air under clouds that carried us among vultures to more than 4500m into heaven, high above all the glaciers. Yeah, August 20th 2012 will be remembered as a dream day, a real "homadog" ;).

take care & enjoy


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