The average hard-core dance maker has more than enough trouble making work that will engage the imagination of a regular, skeptical adult. Imagine if your life's work involved coming up with ideas to engage the minds of people that paid attention to everything you said and everything you did! Yes, we're talking about children.

You know you're on to a good thing with a show like 'The Tell Woman' when, upon hearing the central character say "mummy and daddy are horrible", you get an audible cry of disbelief from the assembled audience of youngsters.

'The Tell Woman', aimed at 4-10 year olds, is the story of the keeper of all stories (straight away we love it) and her endless struggle to keep those stories from the forces of darkness. "Evil Confuser Hands", "Sproings" and "Snufflers" all come along for the ride as "Sam" fights the good fight in search of a compelling yarn or two.

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