The first 3:17 of Power Trio Studios' (now known as Code 10 Studios) sophomore feature film endeavor, I'M STILL HERE. Featuring the song "Best Laid Plans" by acclaimed indie rock band We The Living (

I’m Still Here chronicles the gritty tale of Jason Lonesephine (Walter Banasiak), a loner with a death wish against menacing weapons dealer, Julio Perez (Harry Locke IV), a man responsible for both the corruption of Lonesephine’s hometown and the brutal murder of both his close friend and mother. Against all odds, Lonesephine must now fight to find those brave enough to join his crusade to salvage the city brought to its knees by Perez and the clutch he holds on the city’s law enforcement. In this tale of blood and betrayal, Lonesephine will be forced to redefine justice, in a land that has long been defined by cowardice.

**Neither this video nor the completed film bear any ties to the Joaquin Phoenix/Casey Affleck title of the same name**

*Power Trio Studios is the now defunct predecessor unit of Code 10 Studios, operating from summer of 2006 to fall of 2010.

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