Hello, My name is Evelyn Wiggins-Hurwitz and I am the owner of Evelyn Crafty Originals, a small business that makes custom sewing messengers, wallets, wristlets, aprons, scarves buttons, etc., re-products reusing fabrics.

I went to Mich-Fest last August 2010 where I saw many women’s art galleries. I met a spiritual lady who told me, “You have to let things go.” I couldn’t figure out what the lady meant and later realized I had not used my skills in crafts which I used to do for years. I started to make several messenger bags reusing fabrics from used clothes and materials for that people can enjoy them for themselves or as gifts.

For many years, I encourage my clients to make eco-friendly fabric choices whenever possible. I believe in making products that will last, are timeless, and fairly priced.

We will sew it for you!

What can we make for you? Give me your idea what you really want. Any kind colors of fabrics: cotton, nylon, polyester, canvas, bike tire tube, leather & etc.

Send all of your favorite clothes or belong to one of your family or children put on anything you like for us to make quilt, tote bag, messenger bag, wallet, iPad cover or case, headband, scarf, decorator pillow, reupholster and you name it.

Creates every single tote bag for a specific person, once that person sees it, they know that it belongs to them, she describes. You essentially describe you ideas and your favorite colors and fabrics and the prefect bag is created for you!

I particular like concept and custom bags as they are very much a unique product that have great eco credentials, being that they are not a mast produced product, and rather one off designs.

Where to shop:

Click on the online and you will be directed to my website: evelyncraftyoriginal.com where you can see my products. It is a safe, convenient way for you to see what I have to offer, and to make purchases.

Thank you,

Evelyn Wiggins-Hurwitz

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