"... (Regenerative Business) is a business that maximize our positive impact on the environment ." Matthew Lynch

In this installment of the Throw To Grow Profile Series, we continue our talk with Matthew Lynch, founder of The Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design. In this episode Matt discusses the project management frame work of the Asia Pacific Center for Regenerative Design. Matt takes us on a tour of Nikkei Koi fish farm, organic growth site, and a live-in elderly care center.

Matthew Lynch has lived several lives. Once a banker, Matt built a small fortune in his 20's and then lost it in the economic shit storm of 2006/07. Matthew saw oppurtunity where many of us saw devastation. Matt did what most of us dream to do. He traveled the world searching out people, places, and projects that were making a positive impact on the planet.

Matthew spent two years traveling the globe living and learning. While in Australia, Matt studied Permaculture. Permaculture is a theory of ecological design which seeks to develop sustainable human settlements and agricultural systems, by attempting to model them on natural ecosystems. Permaculture is the combination of two, permeant and agriculture. (Think about it...)

Matthew then took to the world, guided by a hybrid philosophy that combines the Principles of Permaculture with business sensibility. Matt traveled, studied, and applied his Permaculture teachings to Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, Germany, and then back home to Hawai’i.

Watch their story. Enjoy and share!!!

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Part 03 of Matthew Lynch's Throw To Grow Profile coming soon.

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