9/9/2012 1:00AM
Color correction DONE
-> low vibrance of colors: 105% Highlights 95% Gamma 105% Lift
-> high saturation of colors: 105% (not to much) Improve contrast
-> and slightly dense fuchsia filter (fill color fucsia, same for alla scene. Not to many pink/gay)

6/9/12 3:34AM ALE
I made the new changes that had been this afternoon with Rafael:
-> Include a school scene DONE
-> smooth editing cutting of the scene DONE
-> New journeys while they are already walking in the street market DONE

5/9/12 2:30PM ALE
I made the changes that had been agreed on Monday to your office.
Also I made other changes to my requirements for video editing.
I put the titles but are indicative only. Don't be scared!!!
We need to choose the font, style and position in the frame. My original idea for these titles you can see in the end of the video. I put some scenes of a movie "Moon". I want to use the same style to build our graphics. Can you imagine what I mean?
Each title duration is 2 to 3 seconds. I think the optimal duration for a graphic. Not too short not too long.

Messages from Ale.

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