Synching Machinedrum + Roland 100M keyboard arpeg + Buchla (MD to 256e to p/r ratchet section for clock divisions)..
Using mostly 291, DIY attenuators, Source selector, 258v, 261e.

For all purists:
The irregularities in the sequence / arpeg: random CV (a minimum) is sent to p/r clock division A.

Tune irregularities: I'm testing my attenuators which send 4 CV outs to Source Selector fired by higher clock division (using for instance only a 250e would be more accurate and much simpler / direct to change tonality).

Irregularity in video cut/rhythm/drum mutes:
Like in all my other "patches" (not "track" or "song"), I'm focusing here on some modules / functions, not song structure / musicality and on having fun.

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