"Zoo Mari“ is a temporary exhibition pavilion, presenting Barcelona’s new oceanic zoo, which is currently under reconstruction.
The exhibition developed by Generales de Producciones y Diseno, S.A. (GPD S.A.) consists of two parts: One is the entrance area that stretches out like a long corridor and introduces themes of the newly constructed zoo and informs about current projects. The other one is the audiovisual highlight at the end of this corridor: a space that is 4,5m high and whose completely mirrored walls are tilted in a 71° angle. Six projectors play images on the 70 sqm floor, creating the illusion of infinity and being lifted out of space and time.

Tamschick Media+Space GmbH developed the exhibitions’ media content. Inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s original style that plays with smooth organic patterns and that is inextricably linked with the city of Barcelona, an accessible immersive kaleidoscope was created.

The visitor is immersed into a colourful and constantly transforming world of animals and underwater life. One moment he is in the middle of a school of fish, then he walks through a thick mangrove forest, the next moment he joins a camel caravan in the savannah at sunset and suddenly he finds himself face to face with a chameleon. Also on display are urban scenarios, famous architectural sites and Catalan mosaics. Visitors of all ages are touched by this overwhelming beauty of images. The kaleidoscope is open to the public from March 26 2011 till June 26 2011. The sound concept was developed by the sound designers of BLUWI. The interactive floor is an installation by Emotique S.L from Barcelona.


Projectionarea: 8.4 x 8.4 x 4,5m
6 Ground Projections (DLP Panasonic, 1920x1080 pixel)
Sound Installation with 8 Speakers.

/Creative direction & direction: Marc Tamschick
/Concept: Marc Tamschick in cooperation with GPD S.A, Boris Micka
/Project management: Anne Sebald

/Jobs: Production, conception, creative direction, direction, art direction, animation, postproduction, music- und sound design, implementation.
/Motion design, Animation, postproduction: Akitoshi Mizutani
/Edit: Sascha Eckardt
/Creative Assistants: Lena Krämer, Fabian Tschöpl

/Music & sound design: BLUWI Sounddesign

/Client: Zoo Barcelona
/Lead-Agency, scenography: GENERAL DE PRODUCCIONES Y DISEÑO, S.A., Sevilla (GPD S.A.)
/Overall conception & creative lead: Boris Micka
/Project management: Victoria Llanos
/Audiovisual equipment supply and installation: Bienvenido GIl
/Interactive floor: Emotique S.L.

Visit us: tamschick.com

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