The contest was first planned outdoor in Hitzkirch skatepark but the super bad weather forecasts made us move indoor to Olten at last minute. We realized we should have thought of a Plan C when we saw the park got flooded 2 days before the contest! The Olten Skatepark Crew made a terrific job drying out the whole park making the event possible, bravo! This park is located in an ice hockey ring, the flat is super slick and the handmade wooden obstacles couldn't be smoother, making this indoor park one of the best in Switzerland.

In all, over 80 skaters signed up, 20 in the 14 and Under division started to warm up the crowd with some classic rail and curb tricks, such as Robin Keller (smith grind on rounded rail) or Thomas Milan (big lipslide on down ledge) who arrived the day before and slept in the car with his parents, gipsy! But in the end, Peter Kradolfer topped everyone in this category.

In the 15 and over division, the 30 skaters battled ferociously like wild animals to get in the finals, where our friend Oliver Weismantel showed everyone how to use the 3 zones at its best (sw bigspin heel, huge treflips); and Raul granted us with a big quarter to bank transfer.

The tricks orgy really happened in the Open division: bs270 in-270 out, kickflip bs 50-50, 3-6flip boardslide, boardslide kickflip out, fs tail to switch crooked, kickflip bs lip, boardslide late 5-0, fs shove it nose grind revert, fs tail 270 out, nollie kickflip crooked, etc..
Simon Stricker got King of the Jungle by winning the Finals in this category with a huge gap to lipslide, shove it fs blunt to name a few. Sa Phep got the best trick with a perfect kickflip bs nose blunt!
Meanwhile, nearly 200 sausages were devoured and a real Gorilla messed around during warm-ups.
Action speaks louder than words! So check out the pics from Andi Speck and Jimmy; and movie from Fréd and our friends at Whiteout skateboarding.

Thanks to: the fully committed Olten Skatepark crew for the great job, eagle eyed Judges Jan Fabio and Jeff, smoking hot Grill masters Julio and Christoph, chief of accounting Jimmy, MC Cedi, Andi le Speck, Fred GCC02, Gorilla Ivo, Warriors skateboards and crew, Carpe Diem drinks, Whiteout skate mag and of course ALL skaters and friends who showed up!!
See you all next year

Results :

14 and under
1. Peter Kradolfer
2. Thomas Milan
3. Robin Keller
4. Lukas Raizner
5. Pascal Zumstein

15 and over
1. Oliver Weismantel
2. Loris Manfredonia
3. Lukas Bigün
4. Luca Pavinato
5. Sämi Nigg

1. Simon Stricker
2. Samuel Aeby
3. Eyal Maman Bischoff
4. Nico Schumacher
5. Jonathan Marty

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