Following the Shanghai Expo's overall theme “Better City, Better Life”, STATE GRID, China’s largest energy provider, has made a forward looking statement in the form of a pavilion architecture that expresses the company’s philosophy and vision by means of strong images. TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH conceived the cinematic design of the main show, the heart of the MagicBox. When inside the box, the visitor finds him or herself on a floating glass platform within an all around projection. The walls, ceiling and floor each consist of a high resolution LED screen to form an immersive medial space in which the approximately 250 visitors are taken on a four minute journey through the energy cosmos.

The journey goes from the origins of energy to modern times and into the city of the future. An abstract pulsating network of energy lines keeps reappearing as a repetitive element to redefine the three-dimensionality of space and dissipate its boundaries. This emotional, artistically interpreted walk-in 720° all around production shows how electricity can improve the quality of life.
/ADC, 2011, Silver
/IF Award, 2011, Communication Design Award
/Red Dot Design Award, 2010
/Animated Com Award, 2012, Category: Communication in Space

Seamless 7452x5589 Pixel cubic projection master production,
6 x LED wall, 1800x1800 Pixel,
5min mainshow,
Digital Postproduction

/Creative Direction & Direction: Marc Tamschick
/Concept: Marc Tamschick in cooperation with ATELIER BRÜCKNER
/Production State Grid Magic Box Mainshow: TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH, Berlin on behalf of ATELIER BRÜCKNER GmbH
/Project management: Anja Wüstefeld, Nina Hüskes
/Jobs: production, concept, creative direction, direction, art direction, shooting production, motion design, animation, postproduction, music- und sounddesign, implementation./A TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH production in cooperation with m box bewegtbild
/Motion design, animation, postproduction: m box bewegtbild
/art direction: Martin Retschitzegger
/audioproduction: Ramon de Marco, IdeeundKlang
/Lead-agency, scenography: ATELIER BRÜCKNER/Overall conception & creative lead: Prof. Uwe R. Brückner
/Project management & design: Dominik Hegemann
/Mediaplanning: Dieter Plew, medienprojekt p2
/Pictures: Roland Halbe

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