Five activists gathered at founder Sarah Corbett's flat for a jam-packed afternoon tea on a cloudy weekend afternoon in exchange for the outdoors.

Huddled around the kitchen table, the activists set about crafting their own production line – sterilising jars, scoring and peeling tomatoes mixed with a dose of sugar and some lemons – all the while sipping tea and munching on homemade coffee cake.

These comfortable scenes show the early days of an emerging movement coined as 'craftivism', a slower practice of activism allowing crafters to reflect on the meaning behind the slogans hey are stitchingas an alternative to shouting down the street.

Chloe Burrows, the founder of intergenerational craft collective The Merry Bobbins, questions why we are photoshopping vegetables despite chipping away at the culture of standardisation in advertising and media.

"This is like an inequality that this one carrot that is funny shaped not as good as one that's straight," Chloe says.

"Consumer research - at one point - said that people like them a bit straighter and then they only supply that and got used to that, so, you might as well forgot about a bent carrot now, you know."

"There needs to be a campaign about quality for all shapes and sizes of new potatoes," she adds.

Tempting, as it is to hold on to the delicious jam, the idea is to give the finished product to someone else to get them thinking about the food they are eating. It is an example of a softer approach to campaigning and inviting others to get involved in the debate - an MP, employer, neighbour or a friend.

"My friend in Brighton is going to give one to her MP, which is Caroline Lucas," says Sarah, the founder of the Craftivists Collective who is used to kick-starting a coversation.

"Caroline Lucas is already a green advocate, which seems a bit of a waste in many ways, whereas my MP isn't, so I'm thinking of giving it to her."

Despite her strong ideas, Sarah's isn't ashamed of showing her inner shyness during the debate.

"I just think that if I give it to her, she isn't going to be that person that says - 'oh, isn't that lovely!' - like, someone who you can get you thinking but not in an aggressive way. I dunno...." she giggles.

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