“Shoes” is the product of our in-house pilot program for EGG. Created by six talented students, the short challenges viewers to think about how they give (and what they give) to charities and non-profits.

More info: greatergood.tv/shoes/video/

Sarah Beeby
Hee Jin Kim
Dan Solomon
Si Wen Sui (Candy)
Tom Szenher
Susan Yung

Executive Producer – Lucia Grillo
Executive Creative Director – Eben Mears
Founder, Director – Pakorn Bupphavesa

Co-Creator, Director of Special Operations – Justin Cone
Co-Creator, Producer – Ave Carrillo

Creative Directors – Marie Hyon, Marco Spier
Design Mentor/Creative Director – Jon Saunders
Storyboard Mentor – Ben Chan
Modelling Mentor – Bryan Eck
Modelling Assist – Soo Hee Han
Rigging Mentor – Zed Bennett
Animation Mentor – Pat Porter
Animation Mentors/Animation Assist – Ryan Moran, Stephanie Russell
Lighting/Rendering Mentor – Jonah Friedman
VFX Assist – Fabio Piparo

Music: Q Department
Lyrics: Justin Cone

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