'Gimme Your Heat' is a single lifted from Donny Benet's second album 'Electric Love' out September 7 2012 through Rice Is Nice. riceisnice.net

Directed by SPOD spod.com.au

Donny Benet as "Donny Benet"
Veena Sitaram-Booth as "The Lady"
Jackson Slaats as "Corey 'The Waiter' Snufficy"
Luke Mclean Stephenson as "Brunt Thardle", strong arm at 'Roccos Sing It Yaself Song Pit & Coffee Lounge'
Kenzie Larsen & Julia Wilson as the "Magic Castle Good Time Girlz"
Good God Small Club as "Roccos Sing It Yaself Song Pit & Coffee Lounge"
and Sydney, as herself.

Directors maximum colour and solo edition coming soon....

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