Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?
Abstract re-interpretation of Gaugin's painting.

Video made for GESAMT. A collaboration film project Orchestrated by Lars VonTrier for the Copenhagen Art festival 2012. It was premiered and displayed in Kunsthal Charlottenborg on october 12th.

Disaster 501 What happened to man Trailer: vimeo.com/50422957
Review from Film Comment: goo.gl/kQhB4

Abstract from the interview with Christian Skovbjerg Jensen Curator of Charlottenborg:
What has become of the 501 submissions from 52 countries? Well, 141 were chosen. And there I find myself sitting on an uncomfortable bench in a dark room where the film is being shown on four screens. No one could guess the inspirations for this film without knowing. There are no literal interpretations shown here. But strangely enough, these contributions from around the world, some totally abstract, some soft pornogpraphic and others very theatrical. Togheter all this creates a whole that takes my breath away, rarely have I seen a piece of video-art that has overwhelmed me in the same way. Not until 35 minutes do I find myself looking at my wristwatch. What is this film about? Well, a noisy symphony of interpersonal relations regarding good, and a heavy portion of evil, as a leading theme. Add some anti-nazi propaganda that came with the inspiration from Speer. These 141 artists have achieved something that when completed actually looks like a Von Trier-film, strangely enough. It is kitch in a pathetic sense, but all the time challenging and yes, fantastic.

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