Most days I feel like being creative, whether it be via photos, video or sound.

I cannot go a day with out thinking a creative thought, however just a few days ago I found it difficult to harness the creative edge with in.

As the day went on it got worse as I tried to be creative, with no result.

I wasn't sure how to get out of it, so I called it quits and took the dogs for a walk to the beach.

I went to sleep that night wondering if I would wake up being creative again.

The next day came and I made a conscious decision not to dwell on it, and slowly but surely my creative juices started flowing again.

I got thinking and wondered if what I went through was normal, as for me this is a rare trend?

So, I took the camera around to a few creative people in the community and asked them if they ever get caught with the dreaded creative block and what they do to overcome it.

I can relate to Kate Thompson in going for a walk or swimming down the beach, as it helps to focus on something completely unrelated to what you're trying to be creative with.

I also like Gabrielle's method of walking up and down the hall until something pops in to the head.

What do you do when you have creative block? I would love to know.

Write a comment below if you have any new or unusual ideas on how to beat the creative block.

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