This project aims to improve the conditions of passengers during long flights in coach class. This includes basic comfort, as well as preventing psychological and health damages such as blood clots that develop during long flights (also known as "tourist class syndrome"). It is a result of a year's research of plane seats which has led me to the conclusion that there is only one dimension through which conditions for coach passengers in modern airplanes can change: height.
In addition, my research in the field of ergonomics and psychology of airline passengers emphasized the importance of having several options to choose from. This is why we are asked "beef or chicken" for our on-board lunch.
My proposed seat enables passengers to choose between several sitting positions:
• Standard and a higher sitting position
• Back rest adjustment
• Standing and leaning
• A "Norwegian chair" position: a combination of the seat itself with a stool that opens from the back of the one in front (inspired by the sitting position invented by Peter opsvik-1974).
• Extended seat length so that taller passengers get more support for their thighs as a result of a larger seating surface.
• A "knee lifter" with support for the shins - a pose that imitates lying down which raises the knees over the pelvis
• Personal arm supports (as opposed to today's shared arm supports) - crucial for proper weight distribution and the feeling of comfort.

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