Video collates some of the projection material developed for 'I Can Make You Happy.' The layering of separate solo videos creates the illusion that performers are simultaneously in the same space.

Intro: (section from 0secs to 2mins) Sample of large backdrop projection used during opening of performance. Whilst this played a movement sequence was performed in front of projection by the live actors.
With regards to creation of video content, one-by-one we were locked in a room with a fixed camera recording for an extended period of time. Our aim initially to settle and try to not do anything. After a set period of time we were to begin approaching the camera and to talk of the subject 'relationships,' whatever that term might mean.

Outro: (from 2mins to end) A series of 'interview questions' were used later in the exercise. The answers to these and clips of the what we did whilst alone in the room were assembled as a closing video to performance. This projection played as audience left the theatre space and a reflection of the journey through the devising process of 'I Can Make You Happy.'

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