A tiny excerpt, created by Allison Beda and Mirabelle Rohatgi
for the dance show THE MOMENT OF FORGETTING:

Restless Productions, Redshift Music, and The Dance Centre present

The Moment of Forgetting
Scotiabank Dance Centre
4-6 October 2012


Choreographer: Claire French
Composer: James Maxwell
Set: Hadley + Maxwell
Lights: James Proudfoot

Dancers: Daelik, Leon Feizo-Gas, Heather Laura Gray, Brenna McLaud, Darcy McMurray
Musicians: Mark Ferris, Mark Haney, Mark McGregor, Marcus Takizawa


Video produced by A Muse Productions - a-muse-productions.com
Director: Allison Beda
Cinematography: Allison Beda
Editors: Mirabelle Rohatgi & Allison Beda
Graphic Design/Motion Graphics: Allison Beda
special thanks to Milton, our musician shadow!

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