Now that you have been warned, let us say this: we don't condone many of the actions/activities mentioned in this song. Role models? Usually, yes. But not on Wednesdays. What we do stand for is the creative release of energies through the arts, as opposed to gangbanging, killing, and selling hard drugs.

FOR THE CRITICS: Imagine yourself making a song with NO premeditation. RIGHT NOW. What would it be about? What wonders would your mind spew out when you just press play. Go ahead. Turn on some music and create your own world. That's what we do. Chris City is for the moment. That's why we'll always be right now.

FOR THE LOVERS: Enjoy. And don't forget to grab our 100% UNSCRIPTED mixtape, "Chris City Cyphers: Lil Milton Edition", for free @ ChrisCity.bandcamp.com

- C.C.

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