Finally finished my first storyboard for class. Although this may not be completely what happened in The Nays, I put it together this way so that it would make more sense. Once Pubby receives his tattoo and Aleen's Tats, Lonny gives him a phone and he is initiated into the Dusty Dimes.

So this took me a bit longer than I thought, considering it was only 18 frames, but I've got to practice working faster in my future pieces. I made it grayscale since it's the first one for my class, but I might incorporate color later on in the semester. Also I'm not sure if I made this a little too finished for storyboards, but we'll see. Well this was my first go at a full storyboard, soo yeah.

Drawn/Animated with: Photoshop/Premiere (Tablet).
Art & Animation (c) Michelle Rakar.
Characters (c) Michelle Rakar.
Music (c) Makoto Yoshimori.

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