You are a doer. A builder.A planner. You and your workforce make things . . .make things work.

And you know time is money. But how much time are your employees spending here. . .in safety training, instead of here. . .on the job?

How many productive hours are you losing?

And why is it costing so much??

ekoTech has a better, brighter “out-of-the-box” way to tackle training.

What if your workforce volunteered to take safety training on their own time…and liked it? What if you saved money and man hours in the process?

That’s really thinking outside the box—it’s possible utilizing an online safety training program that’s available anytime, anywhere. The following example will show you how…

Say you have fifty employees, each costing $20 per hour. If they take only 10 hours of training each year… Wow! That’s Five hundred lost productive hours and ten thousand dollars in payroll!

And don’t forget the cost of the instructor! But how can we get employees to take training on their own time…? {pause thinking}

Ah…time off?...what if you gave the employees vacation time as an incentive?...sounds good, but how would that work?

Right now your employees spend 10 hours in training classes…if they volunteered to take the training online while off work would you give them 4 hours off?

If so, what cost you 10 hours of lost time last year becomes 4 hours vacation time for your employees and 6 productive hours for you…and you STILL get your training done…now that’s a win-win situation.

And that huge expense you used to have is now valuable man hours you’vesaved;cutting your real costs by half!

Thinking you’d like to reduce training labor costs by 60 percent? Reduce lost man-hours by 60%? And get back hundreds of productive hours a year?

Think outside the box. With the “Highly Trained Workforce Program.”

It’s the only money-saving-productivity-building-out-of-the-box-easy-to-use training program. Another innovative technology for today’s business needs--from ekoTech (long EE ko tech)

See how it can work for you. Click or call ekoTech today.

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