"Winter Fractal" is a video tribute made "for Mathematicians and Physicists from the past, present, and future." You may be familiar with a name from the past like Albert Einstein, but have you heard of present-day mathematicians and physicists, Edward Witten and Michio Kaku? Dr. Witten and Dr. Kaku are just two of today's amazing scientists who are working on new theories that blossomed out of Einstein's Theory of Relativity and his famous formula, E=MC2. Today, for instance, Dr. Kaku's new book, "Physics of the Impossible", explains how "Parallel Worlds" can actually exist, and not just in a "Universe", but in a "Multiverse", that goes on and on into infinity. This short "story" was imagined from an area of science called "Fractal Geometry", wherein the parts of an object never end, but get deeper and deeper, smaller and smaller.

Dr. Michio Kaku has honoured Christina by sharing this video on his personal Facebook page.

Dr. Kaku is currently working with the Science Channel in a new series about Physics. The Science Channel has signed a multi-year agreement with the theoretical physicist. As part of the deal, the Discovery-owned network will produce a 10-part series based on his New York Times bestselling book Physics of the Impossible. His new paperback version of Physics of the Impossible hits #10 on the NY Times Paperback Nonfiction Best Seller list.

• Dr. Kaku's personal web page: mkaku.org/
• Marvelous music is by American singer/songwriter Sufjan Stevens.

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