This is the first time I've tried feeding either of my Frostwave pedals audio range CV.

The final 40 seconds are bonus frog and swamp sounds that I happened to land the ELF LFO's Frequency knob on.

I don't own a VCO yet, so I used the Frostwave Resonator (set to self-oscillate), into the Blue Ringer, and modulated the sequencer and, eventually, the HP Cutoff Frequency, with the /8 and /2 pulses from the A-160 Clock Divider (respectfully), which is being clocked by the Square Out of the ELF LFO.

The CV Out from the sequencer is controlling the frequency of the ELF LFO.

The Triangle Out of the ELF LFO was patched to a 1/8" --> 1/4" converter, but I forgot to plug it into anything, and so it isn't modulating anything. That said, it acts as a sort of VCA when patched into either the HP or LP Resonance CV ins, pulling the filter into and out of self-oscillation.

I apologize for the lighting. Enjoy!

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