One of the biggest challenges in the practice of continuous improvement lies in answering questions like 'What do we do next?' or even 'Where do we start?'. Rooted at the tangible intersection between physics and manufacturing, the Theory of Constraints offers a practical approach to streamlining your process and maximizing your ability to deliver. It provides concepts and tools to identify likely 'tipping points' where applying a small amount of effort might yield large results. Join us for an overview of the Theory of Constraints and an exploration of how this all applies to the business of delivering value in an Agile (or not so Agile) environment.

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is an idea created by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and popularized through his book The Goal.

David Alpert is a Senior Software Developer, Experience Designer, and Digital Strategist who wants to change the IT industry. With a BSc. Honors in Computer Science and over 15 years of development, leadership, and mentoring experience, David is a passionate visionary focused on identifying and removing friction in all aspects of application development and teambuilding. David currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with his superhero wife and 5 amazing kids.

Steve Rogalsky is a board member and co-founder of the Winnipeg Agile User Group. An accomplished agilist and process hacker. Passionate about his family, working with people, solving problems, coaching, agile, lean, and continuous improvement.

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