Tamarack Circle, Columbus OH, was repaved during summer 2012. Previously it had 2 lanes of one way travel, and no parking around the outside perimeter. After the repaving, stripes were placed to indicate parking regions around the outside perimeter, then a buffer zone, a bike lane, and one motor vehicle width lane on the inside. This has generated controversy in the neighborhood.

I found a short piece of video recording in my files, showing its appearance before repaving and restriping.

In this video, I show scenes extracted from more than one hour overall of raw recording. It is meant to show how this new arrangement appears to bicyclists traveling in this new striping arrangement. In short, there are usually few problems entering from a side street (except for the arrow error on Sandlewood). The buffer zone between the parked cars and bike lane, and the positioning of the bike lane out in the middle where we are more visible, are beneficial to bicyclists' safety between the intersections. However, as the second half shows, the new arrangement confuses many drivers when they are turning out of the circle into an adjoining street. In one scene, I am caught in the middle between 3 probably confused motorist drivers. Another scene shows a near collision between 2 motorists.

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