Summer Ventures 2 is an edit my friends and I filmed in about a 9-day period this summer that came together rather randomly. Shane Conn from Pittsburgh made the journey to the Midwest with me, and we met up with a lot of people and ended up with a great deal of footage. After organizing and labeling the footage, I decided to see what I could make out of it. There is no text, a little color correction, and not really a lot of thought into this edit, but we all enjoy it. If you don't, then I feel bad for you because rollerblading is fun, and that is the reason we do it. Feel free to be constructive in your comments.

Shane Conn
Codee Jennings
Bruce Bales
Andrew Hall

Chris Watt
Phil Bourque
Justin Whatley
Kyle Doherty
Tohmmy Lash
Magnus Malmo
Phil Austin
Josh Goodell
Mike Nardini
Caleb Smith

Bruce Bales
Codee Jennings
Josh Goodell
Trey McCoy

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