Hi all,

here is our new TWANight.org Tutorial Video (Version with German Supdtitle) about the next big thing in popular Astrophotography:

The "Polarie" Star Tracker.

The Polarie is a fun to use compact, lightweight, reliable Star Tracker. We use it very often for landscape astrophotography.

Hopefully more and more people will get into Astrophotography with this cool star tracker. And I also hope that this Tutorial brings over some fascination of Starscape / Landscape Astrophotography.

Cut and edit with Final Cut Pro X, filmed in Saarlouis / GER at TWAN Headquarters and Innsbruck / AUT.

Christoph Malin

web // christophmalin.com
order amazing prints of this movie and others at: christophmalin.zenfolio.com/

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