"Molding the Signifier" is an interdisciplinary project on the intersections of art, cybernetics, ecology, linguistics and biology. It offers a discursive, confrontational and emotionally charged approach as to what constitutes (human) consciousness and how we perceive what *is* human from a perspective that is very sensitive to the problem of “uncanny valley” – language.

Real-time 3D installation made with Unreal Engine 3 / UDK and OpenCV
Production was supported by Fundación Telefónica and Institute of Intermedia Prague

Project Awards:

2014 Trans Media Akademie Hellerau / CYNETART Festival, Dresden
CYNETART International Award in cooperation with Ostsächsische Sparkasse

2012 Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo - Jury Selection Interactive Art Division

2011 Fundación Telefónica VIDA 13.2 A-Life Art Competition - Production Incentive

Related and Recommended:
On The Neurobiology and Mathematics of Consciousness by Christof Koch: youtube.com/watch?v=6i9kE3Ne7as
Research on microbiota manipulating host behavior: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25103109
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