Video: "Small Town Life" by Nathaniel Newman
Song: "And the Winner Is" by Devotchka. *I do not own the rights to this song, I simply purchased it from amazon mp3 and am using it solely for academic purposes.*

Focused theme is: Lighting and Movement
This is my first ever video made entirely by myself. I shot each different scene with my Apple iPhone 4s which has an HD camera on it. It was edited in Windows Movie Maker (I will more likely be using Adobe CS5 from here on out). I bought the song from amazon mp3. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG. The use of this song in my video is entirely for educational purposes.

I began my project by choosing the song first. I already listen to this type of music on a normal basis (weird right?) through Pandora internet radio service, under the station "Sigur Ros" radio. Sigur Ros is a northern European group that has this slow somber type music that is actually used in many films. Most of you would know them from the rooftop scene at the end of Vanilla Sky. I debated between a few songs from them, Radical Face, Explosions in the Sky, etc. So I finally decided on Devotchka, which also came up on Sigur Ros radio. This song is recognizable if any of you have seen "Little Miss Sunshine," which this song can be heard in. Well, there is my story for my little 4 minute music video. I hope you enjoy.

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