"Miniatures- Sound Kits" an installation By Cecile Babiole

Miniatures - Sound Kits is an installation project involving miniature sculptures modelled and printed out in 3D. These mini-sculptures, given their size and the monochrome white material of which they are composed, could be likened to lucky charms found in a Twelfth Night cake – celebrating the world of sounds and music culture .

These miniatures represent iconic objects like a Rickenbaker electric guitar, a Technics turntable or even an ear. They are displayed as spare parts.

A music piece composed from a 3D printer sounds is broadcasted in the installation room.

Miniature is a coproduction by La Filature, National Theatre in Mulhouse - France.

The video was shot and edited by Kristina Ianatchkova and produced by IMAL Brussels.

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