Official Selection at the 2013 Phoenix Film Festival.

"Pensil" is the Malay spelling for pencil. This is an artistic take on a story that is not only a part of Andrew's upbringing but also for many Malaysians. In Andrew's home country, the story of a pencil is an essay piece within the primary school education syllabi. The essay was titled "Aku Sebatang Pensil" which translates to "I Am A Pencil." Thousands upon thousands of students have had their take and their version of their respective pencil story.

Andrew has had this story in mind since childhood and it is a big day to be able to bring it to fruition.

Directed by: Andrew & Elise Gooi
Starring: Elise Gooi
Written by: Andrew Gooi
Music by: Emmett Cooke "Healing Aura" (

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