In this edit we hit front valley jumps back in early Sep, the jumps were good back then and i actually did alot of follow cam, some were shit but some turned out pretty good! I used the same angle and didn't change it up that much but thats just too fucking bad for you guys. Monk also decided to jump on some random roof on the way to the car and jib on the church, he is messed up but it made for some good footage. Big head up to Alex for filming with us but sadly he broke his kneecap on this day and his season is over :(

Cheers for the watch and share and like if you want, also let me know what you think about it all.

I also used one of my mates song so if you got the time go to his facebook ( page and become his friend and stalk him! Also download his music.

Riders include: Hugh Marsden, Alex Roberts & Adrian Monk
Camera: Canon 600D 10mm-22mm Lense

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