Walking in Quicksand: Afghans in Greece - Photographs by Zalmaï

Twelve years after the fall of the Taliban and international community’s intervention in Afghanistan, Afghans continue to be the most exiled people in the world. As the first entry point into Europe, Greece receives the largest numbers of migrants and asylum-seekers from African, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

Years of mismanaged migration and asylum policies have crippled Greece’s asylum system; procedures for refugee reception and human rights violation documentation are dysfunctional. Greece’s recent economic crisis has only exacerbated the situation, escalating the citizenry’s xenophobic sentiment to alarming rates of anti-immigrant related violence in the streets.

In 2011, Zalmaï traveled to Greece with a Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund grant to document the predicament of Afghans in Greece. In 2012, Zalmaï collaborated with Human Rights Watch to produce the multimedia feature Hate on the Streets: Xenophobic Violence in Greece. hrw.org/news/2012/07/10/greece-migrants-describe-fear-streets

Zalmaï was born in Kabul Afghanistan and left the country after the Soviet invasion in 1980 and immigrated to Switzerland, eventually becoming a Swiss citizen. Hereturned to Afghanistan after twenty-three years in exile to rediscover hishomeland at a crucial moment of transition.

For the full story please see Zalmai's project at the Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund: magnumfoundation.org/emergencyfund/projects.php?code=11EF011

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